Starting a Challenge Series Ride

For all of the Challenge Series rides our desire is to have two ride starters.  Why?  Having a couple of leaders provides more "friendly faces" to newcomers to RMCC and helps ensure that everyone has a good time.  The other reason is just to make sure we have a backup in case the primary ride leader becomes ill or otherwise can't make it. 

Interested and willing to help out?  Simply contact Mark Michel and he will reach out with everything you'll need.

Key Details:

--You must be a dues paying RMCC member to lead a ride.

--We always post a meet time of 15 minutes before we expect wheels to be turning. So, a meet time of 7:45 means wheels turning at 8:00.

--Please arrive at the ride start before the start time so you're there as most people arrive.

--Have people sign the release form - one of your most important duties. This is required by our insurance carrier. Download link: sign_in_sheet.pdf .

--Introduce yourself. Look for people who have that "I'm new" look and make a special point to welcome them to the ride.

--Shortly before the ride rolls out, take a few minutes to go over a few things with the group:
       -Highlights of the route, emphasizing where the regroup points are.
       -That everyone is required to sign in and wear a helmet to ride with RMCC.
       -To follow the rules of the road--i.e. stop at stop signs and red lights and no more than 2 abreast.

After the ride:

--Please scan and e-mail the sign in sheet back to us at

--If there was an accident on the ride, please contact Mark so we can fill out an accident report form. Our club's insurance policy can provide secondary medical coverage in the event that a member is injured on a ride, which is why this is important.