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About the Colorado Brevet Series

What is Randonneuring? What are Brevets? – Randonneuring is long-distance cycling focused on personal challenge and camaraderie among riders. The sport originated in France and Italy in the late 19th century, and has spread around the world. "Randonneuring" means a wide-ranging journey over the landscape. “Brevet” means an event that’s certified – that you’ve completed the designated course within the time limit.


Brevets are not races. They are personal challenges, and challenges with your riding pals who offer mutual support. The time limits are generous. They accommodate a wide range of performance levels and riding conditions, which as we know aren’t always ideal. It’s about having the persistence and determination to finish, not about your finishing time.


The Colorado Brevets – A Brief History – Around the time when RMCC was formed, Gary Koenig, an accomplished randonneur, wanted to organize brevets here, so that riders could qualify for the grandest of “grand randonnées” – the Paris-Brest-Paris 1200k, which he’d ridden in 1991. He approached the newly formed Rocky Mountain Cycling Club to be club sponsor for his events. There had been a Boulder Brevet Series before that, but Gary’s was a new start.


RMCC’s founders included folks like Charlie Henderson who were already distance and randonneuring enthusiasts, and were eager to support. Gary’s series held brevets every year and sent riders to Paris in 1995. When Randonneurs USA – the US sanctioning organization – was formed in 1998, John Lee Ellis took over the reins and continued our series. Randonneurs USA has been the sanctioning body in our country since then, processing your ride results, offering awards that you can earn, and connecting to the Audax Club Parisien in France, and to randonneuring worldwide.


Starting from a basic four-event qualifying series – 200km, 300km, 400km, and 600km brevets – our program has grown: the event calendar now spans distances from 100km “Populaires” all the way to two 1200km grand randonnées – the Colorado High Country and the Colorado Last Chance – which draw riders from around the country and internationally.


What’s in it for you? – Randonneuring is a chance to develop yourself as a cyclist, take on new challenges, and meet like-minded riders to ride with and learn from. Randonneurs have a choice of hundreds of events in the US, and thousands around the world. As a randonneur, you are part of a large and welcoming community.


Come Join Us – Choose the level of challenge that suits you, and go from there. Our schedule runs year-round!