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Triple Crown Volunteers

We are 100% dependent on volunteer support!!! 

For 2021, we are continuing to ask (i.e., beg) for volunteer help! Volunteering for one of these events is a long day...usually between 12-20+ hours! And it usually involves getting up well before the crack of dawn. But volunteering can be quite a bit of fun too! For 2021, we will continue to provide the following incentives to volunteer:

  1. If a rider volunteers for an event, he/she can participate in another Triple Crown event for free.
  2. Riders who volunteer for an event may pre-ride or post-ride that event sometime during 2021 to receive official Colorado Triple Crown credit. This is the only situation that we will allow participants to pre- or post-ride and receive credit for completing the event.
  3. Volunteers who provide SAG/driving support for the event will be reimbursed for their mileage accrued during the event (at the current Federal rate). We will also reimburse for volunteer motels and food/snack purchases accrued during the event. 


  • If we are unable to secure volunteers for an event, the event will still be contested in brevet format (i.e., without support). Please be aware of this! If this situation does occur, participants can expect to receive a partial refund for that event.

Contact information to volunteer will be forthcoming once we are ready!