Registration and Pre-Qualification

1) Registration for the events of the  2018 Colorado Triple Crown is now open! To register, select the following registration link. If you prefer to register via a mail-in document, please contact Mark Lowe (

2) Register early! Pre-registration is required to participate in the events of the Colorado Triple Crown. Participation is limited to the first 50 pre-registered riders. Complete registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once we reach our 50 rider cap for a particular event, registration for that event will be closed for 2018. Pre-registration closes two days prior to the start of an event. There is no day-of-event registration.


3) RMCC membership is required to register for the Colorado Triple Crown. This is for insurance purposes. Please note that club membership has a very affordable $25/year membership fee. RMCC membership has its advantages because it gives you access to other club events and discounts. For more information on RMCC membership: RMCC Membership


4) Each event of the Colorado Triple Crown will have an additional $40-60 registration fee. These registration fees are cost-recovery fees to help defray the expenses of running the event, not to turn a profit for the club. Prospective riders may withdraw (or transfer their registration fee to another event) up to three weeks prior to an event for a refund. After that, riders will not be eligible for a refund. 


5) Pre-qualification. Participants who have not met the pre-qualification requirements listed below can still register and participate, but they will need to ride with a personal support vehicle until they can demonstrate that they can safely complete at least one of the Triple Crown events within its designated time limit. 


To pre-qualify, prospective participants must complete one of the following events in the previous 24 months:

  1. Any Colorado Triple Crown event

  2. A mountainous double century (or longer) event in another part of the country (time required for verification)

  3. One of the RMCC-sponsored 300 km brevets in less than 14 hours

  4. Successful completion of another extreme endurance event of at least 12 hours duration:

  • Ironman Triathlon < 14 hours (time required for verification)

  • 50+ mile mountainous running ultra-marathon < 12 hours

Participants who have not met the pre-qualification requirements listed above can still register, but they will need to ride with a personal support vehicle (which is allowed and encouraged) until they can demonstrate that they can complete at least one of the Triple Crown events within its designated time limit. After registering, these riders will need to e-mail me with the name of their support person.

For 2018, we will make an exception to the pre-qualification requirements for the AntiEpic Gravel Grinder (Long Course). Any rider who is up for the challenge can sign up; however, 1) active RMCC membership is still be required to participate. This is for insurance reasons. 2) there will be an additional small cost-recovery fee for the support that the RMCC will provide for this event. 3) All riders who cannot complete the event will need to make arrangements to have someone pick them up. RMCC does not provide transportation for riders who cannot successfully complete this event. Please keep in mind that an "I can do it!" attitude is great, but it may not be adequate to successfully complete this event. Please be forewarned and come prepared!