March 31st 2020




Dear fellow RMCC members,


In my message a couple of weeks back I indicated that I would follow up with where things stood in regards to the club around the first of the month.


As everyone knows, Colorado is now under a “Stay at Home” order which allows one to go outside to get exercise on their own but not to hold group rides or anything of the like. Currently that order applies through April 11th, but it’s also highly likely that this will be extended.


As such, we will not be doing any RMCC rides in the month of April (and for our brevet riders, RUSA has done the same nationwide). As for what comes in May—who knows? Whenever we are able to resume riding as a club, some of the rides we skipped will be rescheduled, some will be canceled, and some may be run in a different format. And depending on what is permissible, we may need to structure the whole approach that the club takes a little differently for a time.


When it does start looking like we will be able to host rides again, I will be reaching out for your input on what types of rides are of most interest to you at the outset.


But until then, let’s all focus on staying safe and healthy!




Mark Michel

RMCC President