Challenge Series Standings

Club members have completed these number of rides so far in 2020.  We will have a small award for everyone who completes six and additional recognition for whoever completes the most.   A reminder that one must be a dues-paying club member to receive Challenge Series recognition! 

As of Feb. 16:

 1   Dumond, Jody

 1   Hofeditz, Joe

 1   Kaminski, Jason

 1   Leoni, Chris

 1   McDougall, Tim

 1   Michel, Mark

 1   Murray, Craig

 1   Rudolph, Steve

 1   Summerhill, Fran

 1   Warren, Corinne

Feb 16th:  Aurora/Strasburg Plains Loop

On an cool days with temperatures in the 30s and 40s we had a great group of 16 riders come out.  Ten club members completed the full route:

Jody Dumond

Joe Hofeditz

Jason Kaminski

Chris Leoni

Tim McDougall

Mark Michel

Craig Murray

Steve Rudolph

Fran Summerhill

Corinne Warren